Chuck and Jill Ammons

Chuck and Jill Ammons are high school sweethearts, married since 2002. In 2015, after almost two decades of ministry, Chuck had a radical encounter with God in a hotel room that completely changed the course of their lives, family, ministry and church. Chuck knew that the Spirit-empowered life the early church experienced was available, but had grown weary seeking the next revelation, “step,” or breakthrough. In a simple moment, God invited him to re-learn the simplicity of the already completed Gospel through knowing the love of God as Father. 
The result turned their family upside down as they ventured into intimacy with God, messy vulnerability, and bold obedience wherever His voice called them. In the days ahead, God called Chuck to write a book, Life in the Overflow and co-write a devotional about experiencing intimacy with God, Life in the Overflow: Devotional. Chuck’s forthcoming book, Reconstructing Dad, is about ending the cycle of biological, physical, and spiritual orphanhood through knowing God as Father.
As the Teaching Pastor at Overflow Church in the Tampa Bay area, Chuck ministers through preaching, hands-on ministry, mentoring, and worship (as 1/3 of the band Valley’s End.) Together, Chuck and Jill have 5 kids: Bradley, Josiah, Gabriel, and twins Andrew and Annabelle. Together, they have the joy of watching God reunify and transform families through their decision to love “supernaturally, sacrificially, and joyfully” as a foster family! 

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